issues #001 - #015
massage 016 = 15.10.2000
massage 017 = 15.11.2000
massage 018 = 15.01.2001
massage 019 = 15.02.2001
massage 020 = 15.03.2001
massage 021 = 18.04.2001
massage 022 = 02.06.2001
massage 023 = 02.07.2001
massage 024 = 01.08.2001
massage 025 = 03.09.2001
massage 026 = 01.10.2001
massage 027 = 10.11.2001

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massage y2k+2 = 20.01.2002


mr.b.'s massage = 28.05.2000
krii's massage = 01.08.2000
frohikey's massage = 01.09.2000
title's massage = 01.11.2000
echo's massage = 01.12.2000
christmas special = 21.12.2000
louk's massage = 01.02.2001
knos's massage = 01.03.2001
smash's massage = 01.04.2001
s_redenz's massage = 15.05.2001
sml's massage = 16.06.2001
joeri_k's massage = 22.08.2001
y2k+2 massage special = 20.01.2002


please keep in mind, that the links on the site might be broken. if you can't download the song you want, please use the list that is checked from time to time and thus quite reliable:

1] a list of trax reviewed in massage (sorted by authors): A-F G-M N-S T-Z
2] also there is some basic information on massage and tracked music
3] and some funny statistics about the project

that's all. case closed, call it a wrap :)



last one. these were good days. i started the music massage project in december 1999. my goal was to bring you top quality music. 320 reviews and even more modules. anyway, i felt that is time to move on - module scene has switched to mp3/ogg mostly and there is a lot of great free music not based on trackers that is worth reviewing as well. for some time i'm member of the goodstuff team and when they were thinking about a new concept of goodstuff i propose them merging both project in one and they agreed. here we are now. the music massage as you knew it is dead. all the reviews are availible, so are the archives. but for new reviews you gotta wait till the launch of new goodstuff ver.2 :) if some of you want to help us, ideas, propsals, sponsoring :) - you're welcome. please write to: thank you all for the support, that was the reason why i kept on writing even when i was sad or fed up - that someone is reading it. thank all the musicians, you're my heroes, i'd like to meet lot of you personally to tell you that i really do admire your music. keep it up. my best regards also to luka and shakul for webspace. to potzkoten for the ultimate asci design. and thanks all the guests for their work...

as for the last massage - there are 24 modules (or eps) in three parts, styles ranging from ambient through techno or house to rock, jazz and not forgeting experimental, jungle, trance or industrial... enjoy, since the waiting will probably take some time...

AdaMM over and out.