We write the year 1247. In the depth of the Middle Ages the noble Spanish Knights have invaded the Music Massage territory and have laid siege to its fortress. The history of this cast comes from the Amiga Crusaders, where well-known warriors such as Sir Nork, Sir Cueder, Sir Estrayk or Sir Evelred made the most powerful realms tremble. Now, long after their extinction, we see the next generation of great warriors conquering new medieval, celtic and melodic horizons. They are the last remnants of the modscene in Hispanic lands.

Sir Sml / Fuzzion Clan

lady's dance acidbeat / fuzzion 3:25
livin' in ctra. boecillo wonder & naif 3:08
magic & runes neno / concept 4:57
reflections fx! / purple's studios 2:20
ancient stories 2 awesome / wild bits 3:07
loitering in spitalfields finn renard / dsp 3:46
celtic days maverick 3:28
haunted forest 2 wonder / savage 2:53
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"Lady's Dance"

acidbeat / fuzzion 3:25 1409 kb [it]
A dark and stormy night, a group of men with a single aim, run in silence through the streets of the city towards the walls. An epic deed is to be fulfilled. A dangerous path in the forest separates them from their destiny, they know it is their only opportunity, either achieving it or die, but their fear makes them go on and there is no way back. They can hear something like music in their heads, reminding them of what they have left behind, but it does not give them any clues as to what they are going to find. The end is near.

"Living' in Ctra. Boecillo"

naif & wonder / inside 3:08 1373 kb [it]
The first rays of dawn light the landscape. From the top of the hill you can look to infinity. The warriors only think of victory, of the good old days. They imagine the end. Lying on their beds they can contemplate the extent of their imagination. But a noise wakes them up, the battle is too close and they can't be at peace. However, their hope is more powerful and makes them go back to their dreams of better times.

"Magic & Runes"

neno / concept 4:57 1133 kb [it]
The castle has been conquered and the city has been looted. Through her window a girl is watching the houses being burnt and the bridges and walls falling. She closes her eyes so not to see how her life falls apart. The magician mixes his last potions and prays in his hut. The girl thinks of a better future, far from the villains and in a happy world. Leaving the mundane people and be free. An then she thinks she can see a hero appear, a prince that would come to rescue her, who would kill the villains and return the peace to her people. Someone who to save them, someone who would change things.
But everything is a dream, because as she opens her eyes everything stays the same as before.
That saviour seems that is always about to appear, he seems to be approaching, but he is just dreamt by everybody, and won't become true although they would always keep their hope. The saviour who is always about to appear, always approaching and almost there in the dreams of many. But these dreams don't come true, all that remains is hope.


fx! / purple's studios 2:20 1606 kb [xm]
Amidst the battle, the warriors loyal to the king are expecting the enemy when suddenly, out of nowhere, they are rushed by several attackers. Combat begins, the horses trot, the sound of metal clashing fills the air, smoke from the torches covers everything.
There is a chase and one of the men is brought down, finely injured by his enemy's weapon, now seeing life and death pass by in front of him.
But the battle goes on, there is no truce, until the last one dies, nothing will be finished. Here no one thinks of escape, only of death. It is a instinct of fight, power and hate.

"Ancient Stories II: A Kingdom of Tales"

awesome / inside 3:07 1270 kb [xm]
In a distant country a new world is emerging, a reign where life is happy and flourishing. From the furthest places you can hear flutes and melodic guitars that invite us to get closer. People go towards this unknown place, to change their lives, to forget their past, to meet new horizons. They stop on their way to see how the sensations change around them and they resume their trip to their objective guided by some chords that show them the path....to paradise.

"Loitering in Spitalfields"

finn renard / dsp 3:46 464 kb [it]
The beauty of the forests and rivers is stunning. All through his travels across the territories he has seen many different lands and worlds, but the pure state of nature, untouched, never stops astonishing him.
He can hear the animals and the plants, he can feel their warmth and presence. From the snowy mountains to the thickest woods, the driest deserts and the bluest seas, his travels know no limits, only heaven or hell could stop him.

"Celtic Days"

maverick 3:28 1112 kb [it]
Today is a great day of celebration at the castle of "Maverick". After their victory, the warriors come back from the battle and a celebration ensues.
A great feast is awaiting them. The women have all this time been suffering waiting for this moment: the reunion with their husbands, their brothers and their fathers. There is also a remembrance for those who didn't come back, those who were left in the battlefield. And each thinks that maybe next time he'll be the one to not come back. That he could have been the one who fell.
But the celebration continues, one must live in the present. A melody is played and the dance starts: it is like a game to forget the hate of the battle and give way to love.

"Haunted Forest II"

wonder / inside 2:53 764 kb [it]
A man is wandering under the rain through the streets of an old city, his wounds are serious, he has lost lots of blood and he is staggering. His eyes deceive him, he sees ghostly figures that make him lose his senses.
With his last breaths, he approaches the castle, to meet his allies again, as he could see them through the fog at the door.
But, before he reaches the door, he falls down thinking that his friends would bring him in, but those who are at the door are not wearing his same colours...
He wakes up in a lively atmosphere. He is surrounded by enemies, but he still thinks he is at his court, that everything has finished and that this is the victory celebration. But the truth is that he is being tortured and that the enemy is celebrating his capture. His body suffers but his mind doesn't take notice, he can't see the horrible place where he is and he falls again into a deep sleep...

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