hi people. adamm gave me an opportunity to make a special electronic issue dedicated especially to techno music. so i went thru my huge techno archive and chose some salt chips for you. load the stuff into your favourite player, stand up and dance. a raw factory located near your home is required for a funky atmosphere.

download all (a) - TWO hours of techno!

(cover made also by fhk)

001: dupont: snoekduik ep

a) frustration
b) frustration rmx
c) frustration cut on middle remix (mark foundler)

i had to place this one as the first tip. especially b makes me crazy. razor sharp hihats. raw sound. it is a must have. mark foundler did a good job too.

002: pinku vaaty: headphone music 9

a) flunk (dear beatbox remix)
b) connection reset by peer

flunk is a ride thru pipes. it is like you are on dope. flunk flunk flunk. and the second one? it is some sort of minimalism surrounded by nice ambient strings.

003: martin badart: handstand

here is one track taken from one touch records. this label offers a big variety of styles. i just chose this one. it is cool and quite intelligent. what else to say?

004: pascal nazon: rohformat 6

a) chauvinistes?
b) centre ville
c) c'est autre chose

rohformat is a famous techno label. i can't help chosing a release from it. i like this release by p. nazon mainly b is a fucking good one. i bet you will be jumping around your flat. go for it.

005: breitbannt: smokin' p. amuk
        (czech porno underground)

yeah i HAD to take here some schleudertrauma pack. it was a pain in the ass to choose only one. finally i did it. maybe i was influenced by the name. i am from czech republic you know.

006: karl lihagen: fusion fucker ep

another rohformat release. i really love this song. a head shaking melody. too tooo daaa laa....

007: mark foundler: footlights

a) original
b) mo:no.meltdown remix (ronny pries)
c) mark & gijs remix (mark foundler, dupont)
d) strip version (buba foreskin)
e) dial 586 rebrew (586)

the release from dreamsource supported by loads of remixes.

008: noby: new elements ep

a) depressant
b) new elements

and finally the last one. dark tones in your brain. check the vibes. depressant.

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