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dharma: down kaakao: cayenne mad-e: blue beat dune: deesbab tweeter: theta level 2 darkhalo: nexus/drones ganja man: declaration (rmx) vim!: call me persephone
01. dharma/voodoo: "down (slow motion)" 04:57
starting out with this postmodern piece which probably remains quite unknown to most.. pure deep darkness, sucking you in and making the light go away for five minutes.. a slow hiphop beat combined to sax and jazz cuts, wonderful. i very much admire people who are able to push great amounts of feeling or "soul" into their tracks, no matter if it was for happy or dark.
ok.. so here's my two cents for adamm, massage and all of you who love good scene music .. all the tracks have been dug out from my personal module archives, some are quite old but that doesn't mean they would have lost their value.. i've decided to steadily concentrate on my homeground - deep, melancholic, atmospheric, breakbeat-based music. the styles and techniques you're gonna be listening to are holding the deepest places inside my heart. so these are all very much my favourites - tried to be versatile but not compromise too much to make this set of tracks stand on it's own feet as a whole, too. of course 8 pieces is only so much to show.. i recommend you to get it all, go get modplug player (, make a playlist and live this music. feel free to mail me to share minds, music or whatever. peace out.
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