the massage includes totally:

43*8 = 344 reviews. but about 420-430 modules. (i'm not sure about every ep and i'm lazy to search.)

more than 200 mb (cca 205) zipped.

more than 2160 minutes = > 36 hours of music.

formats used: xm=187 - it=125 - mod=22 - s3m=9 - mtm=1

i can't be exact in numeber of artists because of different nicks of one person - i'm not sure i know all of the cases, but it's overally about 240-250 artists from probably not less than 30 countries.

winning artists: falcon 6x, distance 5x.

winning labels: mono/211/tonik - 31, tdr - 23, kfmf - 21, rebound - 12, theralite - 11, milk - 9.

the biggest group (almost) left out - chill (only one song). the most famous artists never mentioned in massage - skaven, wave, basehead.

as for the song size (zipped): smallest was 'home' by matrix cubed - 14 kb (but there were even smaller but together on eps with other songs), biggest was 'fantasy' by tawan - 2456 kb.

as for the duration - longest song was 'meditation' by xerxes - 32:44. longest ep was 'symbiote ep' by symbiote - 37:52. shortest song (not on an ep) was 'pleethi' by insider tradings - 1:43.

biggest massage was one of the xmas massages - 8.11 mb, smallest was smash's jazz special - 2.48 mb. longest was fhk's techno special - more than 2 hours, shortest was sml's celtic special - about 27 minutes.

i have spent hundreds of hours of my free time working on music massage since december'99. there was at least one massage every month except december'01. 11 guests prepared their specials. meanwhile i fell in love, finished high school, broke up, made it to university, fell in love again and met couple of extraordinery interesting people. also become a member of rawthings, later quited the group, become a member of goodstuff and a part of skylined project. participate in different web and real-life projects. been writing and publishing and also organising. visited poland, slovenia, germany, croatia and italy. had a really nice two years and massage was one of the reasons. i will never forget.