- massage special -

March 2001 here we are, next music massage is here. There's definitely still something to say/hear about modules... The medium brought us so much! Labels are still releasing on vinyl, and I'm sure we will still be downloading modules in 10 years.

Anyway, Music is a continuum; with no arbitrary frontiers, just different sounds and structures. I've tried to bring eight homogeneous pieces ranging from techno, electro, idm and ambient, I hope you'll enjoy the ride.

.[0]: "scottish fold" by substance (on Voodoo)

(a little known but old label that released quite a few gems. See krii's massage for another example)

A nice and soft tune by Substance to start. Sweet, ethereal melodies played by bell-like instruments on a nostalgic but proud tone. Subtily backed up by wooden-like instruments, giving the necessary acoustic touch. And a 808 here just to let you know when to move your head. Forget all your worries, relax and drift with the music...

.[1]: "it was a feeling" by karl lihagen (on Setup)

"it was a feeling" comes from the various unreleased numbers ep which is the last release from setup (#14)

We're here again greeted by a bell like instrument (and a whistling companion) but the tune here takes another turn: the bass line infuses more life into the module and, with the soft-electro rythm, everything is tightly packed in a nice plastic box. Simple but enjoyable.

.[2]: "puppets own love song (nachtmusiek remix)" by jennifer (on Setup)

More and more electro, another release on Setup. A banging electro-rythm. Scorched drones and a fleeing bass line. A very nice addition to your collection of retro 80s music. (I'm sure G.W.B would love that)

.[3]: "adancimi dinamice: b1" by r.pries+b.rosu (on _rohformat)

Getting more aggressive here, with one of my favorite _rohformat release. (both the ep and the tune) a pulsing techno track surrounded by deep pads. Watch that intro, where the pads are giving space for the percussions and, in one definitive move, the bassdrum and the funky bass line.

.[4]: "threethree (nowsix edit)" by h.kyllonen (on Kyoto Republik)

Now one of my favorite demotracks from last year, from 33/nahkolor, continuing on an aggressive edge, being re-edited by h.kyllonen for release on kyoto republik. It follows the typical minor chords intro / aggressive percussion / wall of sound schema, but who are you to complain? can you combine lush harmonies and distorded percussions as well as that?

The whole ep (Fissura) is also worth an attentive listen

.[5]: "zilogue remix" by falcon (on Taho (ex mute))

Another demotrack remix, on Taho/Mute. This time by the famous falcon, who brought us (as always) a very solid tune.

A memorable melody and a great selection of sounds conveying a lot's of pictures.

.[6]: light bulbs by loke (on Voodoo)

Crushing light bulbs.. strange hobby. But that was for a good cause: bringing us a module representation of the music of aphex twin/autechre and the like. Addictive rebounds, too simple not to be intentional harmonies, and a so welcome release after an unreachable climax.

.[7]: "coan3" by ceniq (on Milk)

Milk is a label whose ep and albums are often top quality. This one is one of my favorite ever released. "voq ep" is very inspired by the sound of aphex twin, and coan3 is a perfect example. SAWII:ish pads painting imaginary, dense landscapes. In which to drown yourself.